Monday, September 8, 2008

Party Favor help

Okay all you creative people, I need your help. My youngest daughter will be turning 5 next month and is having a gymnastics party. There will be both boys and girls at her party. Her theme is Minnie Mouse, but she let me change it slightly to include all Disney characters, since everything is so cute. I think we are inviting 15 kids.

Now for the problem, I would really like to come up with at least 1 really cutesy craft idea that is easy, and cheap, to make to give away with goody bags, or instead of goody bags.

I feel like I am getting the same things like tattoos, pencils, make-up stuff. Things like that, which is fine and I know kids love that stuff, but I would love to come up with somthing to kind of help my sister and I get our name out there, with people like WOW! What a great idea.

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