Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tutorial Tuesday

Button Shirt to Toddler Dress

Click here
to view this great tutorial on how to turn a mens button shirt into a toddler dress. It is super cute and easy. This is the dress that I made out of one of my husband's shirts that he doesn't wear anymore. My daughter, the picky dresser, likes her new dress and hasn't changed into a different outfit yet so that is a good sign :)

I couldn't decide which picture of the dress I should post so I put both of them on here.

Look at that morning sun shining in!

This next dress isn't much of a tutorial, I just wanted to show it to you! I bought a dress on the clearance rack at Target and thought to myself This looks easy to make. So I had to buy this cute dress so I could have a pattern to look at.

Dress from Target

My version of the dress

Back of dress

She refused to stand up and show off her pretty new dress so this is all I got!


jenny said...

tthat dress is realy nice

Karol said...

Those are too cute!

*congrats on the saucy blog!!